Conventional Castable

Conventional Castables of different grades, POLYCAST 50, POLYCAST 60, POLYCAST 70, POLYCAST 80, POLYCAST 90, are manufactured and are used in a wide range of applications like kiln/furnace lining, ladle lining and other related applications. These are general purpose castables intended for quick installation which can be used in temperature range of 1350°C to 1550°C.

Low Cement Castable
Low Cement Castables of different grades, POLYMON 45, POLYMON 60, POLYMON 70, POLYMON 80, POLYMON 90, are special castables which ensure higher refractoriness, excellent hot strength and higher abrasion resistance.

Dense Castable

Dense Castables of different grades, POLYDENSE C, POLYDENSE K, POLYDENSE M, POLYDENSE A, have adequate volume stability and strength for service temperature in the range of 1500°C to 1750°C. These castables are known for their strength and low maintenance.

Apart from the above mentioned standard products we also offer customized products as required by customers.